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King of Fruits, Durian - Scrumptious deserts using Durian

For those of us who just love the smell of Durian and eating the yummy flesh of the Durian, every year we wait impatiently for the Durian season. At last the wait is over, Lets Feast!

I went over to my brother's place recently and my sis-in-law served me Durian Green Bean Soup. Yum,Yum,Yum! It was really delicious. So I got the the recipe from her. Durian Green Bean Soup is often found in Malay weddings and other celebration feasts and is included as one of the desert dishes.

Another Sis-in-law (my hubby's sis) is a whiz with cakes and cookies. Once she had made a truly tasty Durian Cake. Got her recipe too :)

Another fomous desert using Durian is Durian Cream Puff.

Do try out these deserts during this Durian season.

DURIAN CAKE serves 8
1 Durian
6 oz Butter (3/4 cup)
5 oz Sugar (2/3 cup)
4 Egg; separated
6 oz Flour (3/4 cup)

1.Preheat oven to 350 F.
2.Remove flesh from the durian and discard the seeds. Puree the flesh in a food processor.
3.Beat butter and sugar together until smooth,then beat in the egg yolks.Sift flour and beat it into the butter mixture. Beat in the durian pulp.
4.Whip egg whites into stiff peaks and fold them into the mixture.
5.Bake cake in a greased, 8" cake pan for 1 hour, or until cake is done when tested with a toothpick.

Durian Green Bean Dessert

750 g dried green beans
1 teaspoon salt
750 ml water
200 g brown sugar / gula malaka
durian pulp from around 6 seeds
130 g sago
2 nos. screwpine leaves

1.Soak beans in salted water overnight.
2.Boil beans and screwpine leaves in water until beans become soft, add more water if required. Boil brown sugar in 250ml water, add to the beans.
3.When beans reach boiling point again, add the durian pulp and mix well.
4.Add sago and boil for a few minutes.(Discard screwpine leaves)
5.Serve hot

Durian Glutonius Rice

1000 gm Glutinous/Sticky Rice
1/2 liter Coconut Milk
To taste Salt
1 no. Durian
300 gm Sugar
2 nos Screwpine Leaves

1.Steam the glutinous/sticky rice with salt until cooked.
2.Combine durian meat with coconut milk, sugar, salt and screwpine leaves, then boil until the sauce thickens. (Discard screwpine leaves).
3.Scoop glutinous rice in bowl/mold. Turn scooped bowl onto a plate. Top with 2/3 Tbsp of sauce. (or serve sauce seperatly in a small dish).

Durian Cream Puffs

Puff pastery
150gm plain flour – sieve
125gm butter
5 eggs
250ml water
pinch of salt

Durian Cream
2-3 durians (depending on how generous you intend to be with your filling)
Whipped Cream (optional)
Sugar (optional)

Puff pastery
1.Put water into a pot together with butter and salt.
2.Heat it until butter melts and when it bubbles to boil quickly throw in the sieved flour.
3.Reduce heat and stir the mixture until dry – using a wooden spoon.
4.Remove from stove and let it cool.
5.Add eggs one at a time and stir the mixture until it looks shinny.
6.When ready transfer the mixture into a piping bag and pipe puff about 5 cm onto a baking tray.
7.Bake in the oven for 25 minutes at 200 degree cel.
8.Remove from oven when puffs turn a bit brownish on top.
9.Let the puffs cool before cutting a slit at the side for filling.

Durian Cream
1.Buy the best durians and remove the pulps from the seeds.
2.Put the durian pulps into blending machine and blend until mixture soft. (Add in whipped cream to blend if you choose to use it.)
3.Add in sugar to taste and chill it in the fridge.
4.Using a small teaspoon, scoop the durian cream into the slit puff.

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