Friday, January 4, 2008

New Beginnings

This new year can be a start to a New Beginning.

Do you love to cook and bake and have secretly dreamt of starting your own restaurant or bakery? Do your meals get wonderful raves from family and friends? Do you bake cakes and cookies for festive occasions or birthdays of you relatives and friends?

Starting a restaurant or bakery is a major decision that needs to be given due consideration and planned well to make it into a success.

Capital is always a Major issue. Some of us may have saved up a nest egg for a rainy day or for investment purposes. Another option will be getting a loan.

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Lin said...

You are so right about opening a restaurant being a major undertaking. My husband and I had a BBQ restaurant awhile back, and although business was good and getting lots of regulars coming in, the sheer number of hours (90+ weekly) my husband was having to put in nearly gave him a heartache.

He ultimately made the decision to close the restaurant and go back to work doing what he was doing before we opened it.

It's also very difficult to maintain any "normalcy" with family birthdays, weddings etc. Or spend time together as a couple, as running a restaurant can really take over your life. I'm glad we closed it down, even though it was doing well.

jamezu said...

Mmmm... rice is good..